PTP250 use in 5.8 and 5.4 bands?

When will the software be ready to allow us to use the previously purchased ptp250 radios in the 5.4 band in the US? Does the new version allow this? My first guess is no. We were promised this capability when we purchased the equipment.

We will shortly be announcing an upgrade program for PTP250 users in the US who want to upgrade their units to dual band operation.

This has never been a software issue, In the US the FCC had only passed PTP250 for 5.8GHz operation and we were awaiting 5.4GHz approval.

We have now ontained FCC 5.4GHz approval, and will shortly be releasing hardware that is dual band in the US.

Unfortunately the FCC have issued a new FCC-ID which is printed on the label on the rear of the ODU, and due to FCC regulations the ID must be replaced before we can allow the units to be operated in 5.4GHz bands.



We have now launched our free of charge upgrade program for US customers who wish to upgrade their PTP250 units to dual band 5.4/5.8GHz operation. (Units sold outside the US have all been dual band, no upgrade required.)

Please find attached the Field Service Bulletin detailing the process, and important notes concerning 5.4GHz operation.

Note - Free of Charge Upgrades must be booked between 15 March 2012 and 15 June 2012


Thank you.