This is an old link, works well at 23Mbps before, not until last week modulation rate down to single payload. What could be the problem as link is 100% LOS.

Spectrum seems to be ok.

Hi Gerry,

Can you tell us what value you have for Signal Strength Ratio?

Thanks, Mark

stanteneous receive power to be at 42.

where to look for the signal strength ratio?

Hi Gerry,

You can see a histogram (min, max, mean, latest) of Signal Strength Ratio on the System Statistics page of the web-based interface. You can also view a graph of Signal Strength Ratio in the Diagnostics Plotter page.

If I understand correctly, this is an Integrated unit, isn't it?


Hi Mark,

Yes it is an integrated unit..... Pls. find attached re SNR.

Would like to take this opportunity also to inform you that we are encountering water entry for some of our old PTP300/500 devices. Most of these already working for over 5 years on the field. Water deposits seen inside devices (detected during removal of cable gland during maintenance). Take note, there are no indications of damage on the panel antenna casing or from any side. What could be the reasons for such incidents?

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Thanks for the additional information. The Signal Strength Ratio values indicate that the link is operating only on the V polarization. We know that the problem affects both directions because the SSR is high in both ODUs. This is most likely caused by a single fault in an internal antenna connection, or in the RF circuitry that is common to transmit and receive. It is not easy to tell from the data if the problem is at the ODU or the ODU. If I had to guess, I'd say the fault was at the .50 end, because this has the most extreme SSR, but it's not a certain diagnosis.

Thinking about the water ingress, can you tell us which cable you are using, and if there is an LPU?

Also, is the cable run higher than the ODU at any point?