ptp300 max transmit power

hi friends
you know how can increase max transmit power of my ptp54300 link more than 5dBm?
when i bought it region was 26 and max transmit power was -18 to 5dBm and i cant give region 8 license for my link(error: Region 8 is not valid for PTP 54300 25Mbps [Global variant] Valid regions are: 12, 13, 26 or 30) but in user guide told max transmit power for 54300 is from -18 to 27dBm and i saw images that show Region 8 for ptp54300.
can you help me?

Let the guys at cambium help you out.region code 8 is what you need.


Depending on where you are operating the radio we can issue RC8 keys.

Please contact customer support and we will send you a form to complete and sign