PTP400 5.4ghz Problems

I have tried to deploy my first 5.4 link today in the Integrated PTP400 series. The link is 15.6 miles over flat terrain in East Central Illinois. I have LOS because I can physically see each tower from each location. I used the arming tone feature and peaked out both ends. The problem is I can move these like 1 in. any direction and the numbers don’t change. Right now I have Receive Power of (-83.6, -85.4, -87.5, -85.1), Vector Error (-11.7, -13.6, -14.7, -13.8), Link Loss (136.4, 135.4, 135.3, 135.4). This link is limited to 16QAM 1/2 (3.75) up and down.

There is no interference that I know of, but why can’t I get this signal any better. Do I need to tilt the units upward to account for earth curvature? Both are on Grain Elevators about 120ft tall. What am I doing wrong?

download the new PTP link planner and run the link with the actual gear and terrain after you get the profile.
see what it says, interference excluded, its pretty accurate

I ran the link planner and got a little worse than what I actually get. I guess the question is, I need more out of this system, what are some tips for gaining better signal?

since youre integrate youre kind of stuck, run the link planner with some more height, see if that helps. if youre getting better than what it says i think yer gonna get that, get connectorized and youll get better.

get a 4 foot dish and turn the radio into it, see if you can cheat like that

I wish I could do that, but I can’t, I really just need to get the sigal about 5-6 db better and I think it would help a bunch, I’m gonna try a few things. Main reason we were trying this is to start getting away from 5.7’s on the BH’s so that we can offer it to our customers.

Unfortunately 5.4 is a low power system. I’m surprised you even got it to hook up at 15 miles.

You might try going all the way to the top of both towers to ensure no Fresnel interference from ground clutter. If you are able you might try changing polarization.

Isn’t this Dual Pol system? Raising or lowering won’t do much as there’s maybe 10 ft elevation difference between both locations with dead clear LOS. We did this so that we could deploy 6- 5.7 APs at one of these locations. Thanks for all your suggestions.

You’re right - dual pol. Not sure what I was thinking.

I was referring to moving the radios at both ends as high as possible.

Sounds like connectorized units with higher gain dishes will be required.

That’s what I feared… we’ll have to see what happens, having some problems right now with getting it to feed the switch.

goto and download the full+radar license key to get 27db tx power out of it.

Have you done this? Wouldn’t you get in trouble for this? I’m just asking because it sounds like an awesome idea, but just can’t afford to take a hit.

If this BH is in a rural area I cannot see you having any problems, unless you are near a military base or weather radar station. As we have not encountered any issues. We do have a 16.78 mile shot with a power level of -69db passing 25mb of traffic. If you do encounter an issue normally they will just tell you to modify your settings and if you do not comply then they will take other action. Just be aware that you do this AT YOUR OWN RISK.