PTP400 and 600 PIDU Compatibility

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I posted on here.

Anyway, I have a link of PTP400 radios that I want to change to PTP600 radios for added bandwidth, etc. Both radios have the newer style PIDU on theme (metal case). I am curious if those existing 400 series PIDU’s will work with the 600 series radios or not, or do we need to change them as well. Not a big deal, just need more downtime, or 2 more guys. I know the 600 stuff does gigabit ethernet, so I wonder if the 400 series PIDU will support that.

Or, what if I swap the PIDU first, then the radio after? I assume the 600 series PIDU will have no issues with the 400 series radio??

Thanks again in advance.


Okay, I did some testing myself - what’s the worst that could happen? haha

It turns out that the 600 series PIDU will not power the 400 series radios - the PIDU powers up, but the radio will not.

The 400 series PIDU will not power the 600 series radios - the PIDU will not even power up with the radio connected.


Sorry I missed your post. PIDU’s are different as you have found, for the 400 and 600 series units.