PTP450 is still pmp in cnMaestro?


There is any rason for PTP450 and PTP450i are still pmp in cnMaestro?

There is no PTP statistics in performace and the Map doesn't work like PTP, we can't use it.


Are you using the cloud version of cnMaestro? We have a few PtP's (PTP450i and 550) in there and while the model says it's a PMP, we still see all the stats we want, the maps work fine, and there's data on the performance tab.

@Enchufe, you are correct that the PTP 450/450i are labeled as AP and SM, but hopefully the information that you are looking for is available.  

In the device tree, you can click on either device and view it's DASHBOARD to get a summary about the device. 

Then, click on the "SM" device and view its PERFORMANCE charts.  There are quite a few charts and they display information from both ends of the link (i.e. modulation, RSSI, throughput, LQI, etc.)  See an example screenshot below.


It's not exactly the same statistics and value monitoring as for real PTP links but it's something and it can be useful.

Is there any way to use map monitoring with these equipment? I have the coordinates of all my network points.