PTP450 no uGPS? What...


I'm planning to deploy a PTP450, and trying to determine the full scpoe of options for GPS sync.

As I understand it, the PTP450 radio cannot recieve sync from a CMM4 via the power port.  So my intent was to use a Cambium uGPS or a Packetflux Syncbox-Junior(timing port version), both of which can be powered via uGPS power from a Cambium Aux/timing port.  However, I was unaware until now that the PTP450 does not appear to be able to output uGPS power.  

My question(s) are the following:

1) Can a PTP450 output uGPS power? 

2) If no, why would a product with no interal GPS or no ability to receive sync via a power port, be unable to power a GPS sync product made by the same manufacturer?

So it appears my options are to use a PMP450 AP  to output uGPS power for the Packetflux, which would then be able to feed sync to the PTP radios.  If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears.

1) no, it does not output power to the UGPS device.  

2) PTP 450 not having power output was a concession to the fact that the PTP functionality was an afterthought of bringing out the product.  We discovered that this product could indeed support PTP, only after the SM was released.  This was corrected on PTP 450i (which is currently availble and will support PTP and powering of the UGPS).  Keep in mind also, that the UGPS can be powered by its own 30VDC PSU, eliminating the need for the connected radio to provide power to it. 

Thanks for getting back to me Matt.

With regards to #2, that is a good point I was aware of but failed to mention.  I was hoping to get away from having a potential failure point that is another cable running up the tower, which is why I'll likely just use the uGPS power output. 

But I'm not sure what is a worse, a cable up the tower, or linking two radios together with a cable and inviting a 2-for-1 lightning strike scenario(if thats even possible).  

Anyways, always appreciate the response.  Thanks again.