PTP450 Not establishing RF Link

I recieved a new 15.0.3 version PTP450-DES unit and can not get it to establish an RF Link with a version.

Could not find anything in the release notes to indicate that the older version had to be upgraded.

Does anybody have any ideas about this? Am I missing a setting in the 15.0.3?

Thank you in advance for any help.

Could your problem be related to the field service bulletin here?

I hope this helps!

Hi David,

  I dont think that is going to be the problem because I can establish a link with the new and another that I already had. but I can not establish a link between the and the 15.0.3 unit. Both new modules and both came in on the same order.

Just to update the testing I have done.

15.0.3 ODU's will establish a RF link with each other. ODU's will estabish a RF link with each other.

But a 15.0.3 and a will not establish a RF link with each other.

Is this a known issue that anyone else is experiencing?

I have confirmed that this combination should not work--13.3 has a change to get more throughput that produces an incompatibility.

We need to update the documentation to show this upgrade path.

In the mean time, if the devices are already installed, and you have at the far end and 15.splee.spline at the near end, you'll have to downgrade the near end to, upgrade the far end to 15.splee.spline, then upgrade the near end to 15.splee.spline, and they should talk. (Otherwise, if the far end is new (15.splee.spline), just upgrade the near end to new, and you're good to go.)

I apolgize for all of the problems you've been having.

I hope this helps!


Hi David,

Thank you for the update.

A couple more questions come to mind.

1. I have never tried to downgrade a module back to a previous version, is the process the same?

2. Currently the archives for software only go back to 14.1. Is there a way to get the 13 series version software still?

Will the latest CNUT be backward compatible to the 13 series, or will I have to use several versions of software and different cnut versions to accomplish this?



I checked and found the archives for the 13.2, 13.2.1 and 13.4.

What CNUT should I download and use?



You can use CNUT 4.10.5. You can donwload it from the link below.  Procedure to downgrade is same as upgrade. You just need to select the correct package on CNUT to which you are downgrading or upgrading.



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