PTP450 Session uptime keeps restarting thereby cuasing link flunctuations when customer pushes traffic

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I have up-to three PTP450 (3.6GHz frequency range) on my network I observed at the SMs(customer unit) checking through the Uptime its never equal to the Session uptime please why is this so or what can cause this to happen? and this usually cause traffic downtime whenever the customer is pushing traffic on the link.

It seems the wireless session keeps going off at intervals without the SM radio unit going down itself. I have different software versions running on the PTP450 radio facing different customers. What can you advice me to do in ensuring that the Uptime of all my PTP450 radios are almost equal to my Session uptime.

Kindly see the table shown below

Description PTP450 (3.6GHz range) software versions Uptime SessionUptime
Customer A Canopy 16.1 BHUL450 7days, 22:05:34 1:24:55
Customer B Canopy 15.1.2 BHUL450-DES 10days 18:16:11 19:02:45
Customer C Canopy 20.2 BHUL 450 4days 20:52:42 6:14:50

session time is the current link connection time, uptime is the radios powered up time.
session times are almost never the same as uptimes due to many factors in the radio link but also should not be always resetting. signal issues are the main cause for session times to be resetting all the time. check for interference and for alignment issues,

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