PTP450 Strange Issue .. !! (Urgent)

Hi all ,

We have a PTP450 link running with firmware v14.2.1 with perfect readings as follows .. 

 but the result is as follows  ..

What would be the issue to result in that very low data rate  ??

Hello Mohamed,

I agree looking at the power levels and SNR, you should be getting lot more throughput than link test is showing. 

Can you please run a RF link test with SNR calculations enabled and share a screenshot. It will show us what modulation is actually being used. If possible run a 10 second link test. It looks like there are not many packets being transmitted during link test for link to rate adapt properly. Can you also post a screenshot of link test configuration you are using.

 Have you tried any other tests (Other than Cambium link test) to check throughput?



Hello Dhaval,

Thanks for following up.

Kindly find the requested screenshots  ..


You only send 10 packets per linktest.

Change packet count to 0 to flood the link during linktest.

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Thank you all for your support.  Issue is resolved.