I have a Customer who has a number of 5 Ghz PTP450 links in operation. As the PTP450 is no longer available, it seems I must migrate him to PTP450i as his links/modules need replacing. I have a number of questions.

Can I replace one end of a PTP450 link with a PTP450i and have it work correctly?

Can the PTP450i Master use the same uGPS module that the PTP450 Master was using?

Is the Cnpulse module a direct replacement for the uGPS module?

Will the PTP450i with the 23dbi integrated antennas give me the same latency and thruput as I am getting with the PTP450 which is using the HK2022A passive reflector dish, which I believe gives a total of 25 dbi at 5Ghz?

Any and all knowledge will be appreciated.

I will try to answer you point by point.

1) Yes, you can have one end of the link PTP 450 and the other end PTP 450i. It's not quite a balanced link, and typically it's recommended that you have the same hardware on both sides, but it will work.

2) Yes, UGPS is compatible with the timing port of the 450i, though the physical port is different (RJ-45 vs. RJ-11), so you'll need a different cable.

3) cnPulse is not an exact replacement, but serves the same purpose, and can be used in place of UGPS.

4) Your last question really depends on the link itself.  You can try putting your link into LINKPlanner for an estimation on what the performance will be.  Yes, there are slight (1-2 dB) differences in antenna gain.

Another consideration is using 450b for this.  450b now operates as a PTP link as well, and may be more economical than 450i.


Where can I find The manuals for the CN Pulse and the PTP450b.

I need to start planning to install these in place of my customers PTP450 and PTP100 modules.

I need to know pinouts of UGPS vs CN Pulse, What mounting brackets and POE injectors are needed, what antennas are available....etc.

I am concerned about what actions have to be taken to successfuly colocate PTP450, PTP450i and PTP450b

and even the possiblility of PTP100 links that they still have in operation. All of these are 5.8 gig. links

Any advice and or info. is appreciated.

Thank you

For cnPulse, this is a great place to start.  The cnPulse Knowledge Base has a ton of info.

Information on Co-location is here.

All of the calculators, tools and whitepapers on this topic can be found here.

If, after utilizing these resources, you're still having issues... please feel free to post further questions here.

Thanks and good luck.


Thanks Matt,

Alot of good info there.

I did not see anything about the PTP450b in all of it though.

Would the frame calculations for it be the same as all of the others? (PTP450, PTP450I and PTP450m)

Is there going to be a new calculator coming that includes the PTP450b?

Also, did not find any information about how to provide sync to a PTP450b from a cnpulse.

Am I missing it?

Thanks again,