PTP450i and PTP450b

Why there is no combination of PTP450i and PTP450b (high end or Retro) in Link planner. PTP link combination and vice versa ? Version is last.

I’m having difficulty understanding your question. I don’t think you can mix the PTP450i and PTP450b to create a link. Is that what you’re asking?

Yes.I want to try such a link
Table 14 :Supported Interoperability for PTP

Eric say on

I’ve not tried myself… A quick bench test would reveal the answer, but I’ll leave that to the author of the post.

I think it’s safe to assume that there won’t be much difference between a 450i>450b link and a 450i>450i, other than capacity. A 450i as the Parent and Child radio, will push up to 10% more bandwidth than a pair of 450b’s high-gains. But not the 450b Retro…
According to Link Planner, if you use two 450b Retros(5ms frames), on Reflector Dishes, it models the link to show they will have a stronger power level, and virtually the same throughput as a pair of 450i’s.

So ultimately I feel a pair of PTP450b Retros is the best combo, but if you have to mix and match, you won’t lose out on much by having a 450i in the mix. But given that a 450b retro is so cheap, I would recommend just using two of them.