PTP450I performance difference vs PTP450?

With the cambium trade in offer I was wondering if there was a list of benefits?

The 450i has higher pps and 30/15 mhz channels but other then that is the total throghput still the same as a PTP450 at same channel width?

Hi Timothy,

The PTP 450i has several advantages over the PTP 450.

1. ruggedized housing that meets IP 66/67 rating for dust/water intrusion

2. support for 30 and 40MHz channels in future releases (the spectral efficiency is the same but with the 40MHz channel size we expect more than 250Mbps.

3. PTP 450i has more processing power to handle more packets per second and other future upgrades

4. PTP 450i has high transmit power to enable higher link budgets where the regulations allow.

5. PTP 450i has a higher gain integrated antenna (23 dBi integrated panel) vs. 9 dBi integrated patch on the PTP 450.

Note that the PTP 450 is still available and shipping at a new lower price point.




What timing options does the PTP 450i support?

The PTP450 does not support power port timing, which was a surprising disappointment to most people looking to upgrade from the PTP230.

PTP 450i does support timing using the AUX port (it's now an RJ-45 vs. RJ-11 connection to the radio though).

The other current option is using the CMM4 (with a slight tweak to the pin out).  This is documented in the User Guide on page 6-40.

I just configured a ptp450i link, and I am little dissapointed, It has 5.7 band, 5.4 band, AND 4.9 band... where are the rest of the frecuencies? it advertise 4.9-5.9

They will be released as we obtain regulatory approvals, and enabled with software updates.

Some of the DFS controlled frequencies take extra time to obtain approvals.

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