We have a lot PTP500 LPU can we use them for any of current products ?

You can use them on any 48v equipment: ptp650/670, 450i

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Thanks for the response Juan Marriott.

The LPU End Kit for PTP 250/300/500 has part number WB2978. I checked WB2978D, which was manufactured by Motorola, and WB2978H, which was the Cambium branded equivalent. Either of these two versions is suitable for use with PTP 600/650/670/700 and PMP 450i, and will allow Ethernet to negotiate at 1000BASE-T. The LPU itself has part number 2900.

Two things to remember:

  • The PTP 500 end kit contains one LPU. You will need two LPUs to protect PTP 600/650/670/700.
  • The latest LPU has larger glands, which allow the cable to be pre-terminated with the RJ-45. With the 2900 part, the cable must be passed through the gland before the RJ-45 is fitted.


Dear All Thanks for your clear reply Best regards Ayman