Has anyone deployed a pair of the PTP54200 wireless bridges yet?

I looked at the specification sheet, and I see they are advertising 21 Mbps aggregate throughput. I see that this unit can be timed via a CMM as well.

I am assuming that these units are still half-duplex over the air. Can anyone confirm this?

Do you still have to set a downlink data percentage parameter on these units?



Hi Matt,

We have deployed a few of these as well as Canopy 400 which is the exact same kit. Data rate is 21mbps aggregate so “half duplex” over the air, although its TDD so not quite the same. You can set downlink data parameters.


we used one of these, they are cool but only for short distances…so you can run the 3x
we put it in the same building with competitor´s complete 6 ap´s cluster(same 5.4)

thanks for the replies.