PTP54300 5.4 Detached power supply

Good Morning,

I need information, yesterday the power supply of the radio in question (pidu plus) it's burned out and I haven't any replacement piece and then I was looking for an alternative power supply, did anyone find a solution? I tried to connect a power supply compatible with a PTP 650 but it does not work on my model.

Thank You very mutch

Guido Aleardo


I'm sorry you've had a problem with your PIDU Plus power supply. The more recent Enhanced AC + DC Power Injector used with PTP 650 should power your PTP 300, although this combination does not provide a Recovery switch.

A standard IEEE 802.3at power source can be used with PTP 650, but not with PTP 300/500. Is this what you tried?

Thanks, Mark

Hi Mark,

As for the PTP650, can it be powered using 802.3af compliant POE's provided AUX port is not to be use?



Hi Gerry,

The IEEE 802.3af standard only provides about 13 W at the powered device, and this is nowhere near enough for PTP 650/670/700. PTP 650 can't be powered from a 802.3af supply.


negative, I tried to feed it with a standard power supply, currently I can't find a pidu plus as the site where the radio link is located is very far away.
Is it not possible to switch on the PTP with a standard power supply with a specific cable pinout assignment?
Thank you