ptp54300 Radar CAC

hi friends
I have ptp54300 link
I configured it about 2 months ago and worked correctly but 3 days ago link downed, when I see status page of radio the “wireless link status:” is changed to “Radar CAC” and don`t changed.
when I change in installation wizard the “wireless link status:” is changed to “up” for 2 hours or 3 hours or more, but not permanently, and again the"wireless link status:" change to “Radar CAC”.
can you help me to resolve this problem.

This is from the manual:

"During normal operation the “Wireless Link Status” attribute on the “Home” and "Status"
pages will sometimes display “Radar CAC”. This does not mean that a Radar has been
detected, but that the radio is checking the channel for potential Radars. This “channel
availability check” is a mandatory requirement for regions that require Radar detection. The
channel availability check lasts for one minute and happens when the radio is disarmed or
the channel is changed."

Not sure if that helps you at all, but it might? Is it the radar check causing the downtime, or something else e.g. other interference at certain times. Is the fault random or does it happen every day at 12pm for example?


Hi Hiya, 

I too got this message from my PTP 670 radio and was searching for Radar CAC meant when I came across your post. I see that the original poster never replied to your question but I was curious as to what would it mean if it did occur at at 12pm everyday?

If the problem occurs regularly at the same time of day, then this suggests a nearby interferer that powers up on a regular basis. It doesn't have to be a radar, just any source of high power RF. I suggest you check the waterfall display in the Spectrum Expert for any daily occurences.