PTP54400 - 124 miles??? Looking for a new backhaul for a 30 mile link

Good morning everyone,

I'm looking for a new backhaul solution that will go about 30 miles.  I have a tower at 175ft and the other tower at 75ft.  I've been looking at a variety of solutions, I already have a pair of Airfibers that are working well and I'm in the process of implementing a dozen of the force 110's to upgrade some of my current backhauls, but this new one is going to be my furthest link yet.

I've used the link planner and it looks like utilizing the PTP54400 (from ebay) the throughput would only be about 3.1mb aggregate.  Well that won't cut it, because I'm looking for at least 60mb.  I would think this antenna would do it, just not sure why its so limited in this scenario.

Does anyone have any real world experience with this particular antenna, I'm looking for a solution around the $1000 range.  Any other suggestions would be great.



Hi Ryo

The PTP400 was the first backhaul product that we developed (Originally Orthogon Gemini)

It was released around 2003 and we stopped selling this over 5 years ago.

Its still a very reliable product - and we have plenty of customers still using them, where they are suitable.

In terms of useable distance using the standard integrated antenna then all our products are simular - The standard integrated antenna we use on all our products from PTP400 to PTP650 has the same gain.

The difference is in the performance - There are significant changes made to the hardware between PTP400 and PTP600 - and now PTP650

The Max throughputs are

PTP400 - 43Mbps

PTP300/500 - 105Mbps 

PTP600 - 300Mbps

PTP650 - 450Mbps

So - you are never going to see 60Mbps with a PTP400 - no matter how good/short your link is!

I've been looking at LINKPlanner - and for a good LOS link of 30 miles at FCC powers with PTP400 I am seeing 4Mbps (This will change with your terrain and location details - but looks like this is in line with your predictions)

So I would look at LINKPlanner and change your equipment types to see the different throughputs that you can achieve.

I think at 30 miles the biggest thing that you will be able to change, to affect throughput will be the antenna. Using the integrated 23dB antenna I think is your limitation - I think you will need to look at a Connectorised radio, and a seperate larger gain antenna to get the increase in throughput you are looking for.

For new equipment I would look at the PTP650

If you are looking on eBay then PTP600 or PTP500 may well suit your application.

PTP400 would be suitable for a low cost reliable link - but I don't think will give the throughput you are looking for.



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