PTP54600 and PTP58600, any idea on how to monitor wireless throughput?


I posted the very same question for PTP650s: how to measure the live throughput of a link? I need to know how much data that link is passing to make sure the capacity is not maxed out, or if it gets even close.

Bottom line, for PTP650s, your device needs to be at least on firmware version 01-46 to be able to getwirelessOutEthernetOctets (. .

What about PTP54600 and PTP58600?

Thank you

You can use Wireless Manager and enable all SNMP traps in both links. 

Wireless manager is available in support page - Downloads - Management Tools, you can request a Wireless Manager free trial in, you have to know that the trial is for only a few days and for 10 elements only. An element is:

  • A PTP link.
  • An Access Point and all their subscriber modules.
  • Other devices like a switch, CMM, CCTV Camera, etc. 

I hope this will helpful for you.

Thank you for your answer.

I am actually trying to make it work with Zabbix. 

I succeeded with ePMP1000 and PTP650. Now I need to figure out how to make PTP54600 and PTP58600 work.

I can get Receive/Transmit data rate and power levels. I only need the live throughput to make sure the link sufficient for all the SMs connected to the tower.

The original post mentions wirelessOutEthernetOctets. This was one of a group of SNMP coubnter objects introduced in 650-01-46. We talked about that in Trying to monitor wireless throughput of PTP 650

We don't have an equivalent set of counters for PTP 600, and we are not maintaining PTP 600 firmware, so we're not likley to be adding them.

You could probably achieve part of what you are asking for by accessing the counters for the Ethernet port. These are in the standard SNMP MIBs (not the PTP 600 enterprise MIB). For example, ifHCOutOctets (. is a COUNTER64 object reporting the number of octets transmitted at the PTP 600 Ethernet interface. This will normally be approximately the same as the octets transferred over the wireless link.

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Some further information:

The COUNTER32 version of the SNMP Object is ifOutOctets with OID = .

ifOutOctets is in a row in a table where each row represents a different interface. In PTP 600, row 2 is always the Ethernet interface. This means you will need to GET .

Similarly, you need . for the HC counter (COUNTER64) for the Ethernet interface in PTP 600.

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