PTP550: bug in loop detecting "Spanning Tree Protocol"

There is a link mikroik RB2011-PTP550 (master) -> PTP550 (slave) - RB2011

Periodically (1-2 times a day) a loop is formed on the link - a microtik bug (as it is necessary for the link to run eoip).

Earlier, RB2011 rejected the ePMP1000 interface from the network

After replacing ePMP1000 with PTP550, two protections are triggered:

- RB2011 rejects RTR550 from the network

- master PTP550 reboot the slave PTP550 and in the slave in the monitor-wireless tab, it writes "Power Control Mode from Master - Closed Loop"

and then everything goes up a long time - 5-10 minutes, not 30-60 seconds, as with ePMP1000

I decided to disable the Spanning Tree Protocol, but it turns out that it is disable both on the master and on the slave.

When disabled, the Spanning Tree Protocol master restarts the slave with the comment "Power Control Mode from Master - Closed Loop".

What can you recommend?

"Power Control Mode from Master - Closed Loop" just indicates that ATPC mechanism is working on "Closed Loop" mode. This message is not connected with traffic flow and network topology and just indicates that the device uses some "feedback" about the received signal level to set proper transmit power.

Slave reboots is another problem. To understand the reason you need to log into the device via SSH as admin and type: debug crashlog.