PTP550 - change frequency will drop link

I have many ptp550 link. Some with 4.5.0, some with 4.5.6 and some with 4.6.0RC35.
In all, when I change settings like frequency or channel of one or both radios and I click “save” the radio link fall down and traffic stop passing.
With other ptp brand with 2 bonded radio (like Mimosa (from 2015)) if I make any changes to one radio, the system shift all the traffic on the other radio ensuring continuity of the link and then, when changes are made, the traffic come back on both radios.
There are any chances to modify wireless parameters without dropping the link on ptp550?


Hello Pierre,

changing the channel bandwidth or frequency will cause a short down time with the current firmware.

I advise to change them either late in the night when clients are not using much the internet or very early in the morning.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Sincerely yours,


Thank you for bringing it up on the table.
We will try to fix this in the further firmware versions.
The internal ticket has been opened.

Thank you.

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