PTP550 in US - new FCC approved capabilities?

I see that the PTP550 has passed DFS testing for the US market. When will this be turned on?

Also, the original PTP550 US approval was only for flea power operation, not competitive EIRP, and thus there was little point to the connectorized version. Has this been rectified yet? What EIRP levels are now available for U-NII-1 and U-NII-3 on the connectorized radio? Thanks.


I have forwarded this to our development team

Hi Fgoldstein,

That is correct, we just received DFS approval , we will release DFS firmware soon with the original Power operation , we are also in process of recertification with lower power operation (which will result in higher antenna gain).



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Thanks. DFS will help in some areas.

Is there anything being done to raise the allowed EIRP? It's all about OOBE, of course, and linearization is tricky, but I don't see why the 11ac2 radios can't have as good an EIRP as the 11n radios. If it's your amp, you have people in Illinois who obviously know about linearization. If the chip is noisy, you shoud be bashing the chip maker to clean up their act...