PTP550 vs Mimosa B5C (Field test in South East Asia)

PTP550 vs Mimosa B5C (Field trail in South East Asia)

Our Customer in Asia were looking for a product which could deliver throughtput and reliable performance under inference. The trial was conducted over 9 km(5.5 miles) , keeping same antenna, Tx Power ,alignment , Channel freq and channel size..Connectorized Radios were tested and here are the frequency used .

Radio1 channel: 5780MHz, 80MHz

Radio2 channel: 5900MHz, 80MHz

EIRP: 28dBm (Antenna Gain) + 23dBm (Tx Power) = 51dBm

Cambium: PTP550

Uplink: 348 Mbps

Down: 77 Mbps

Aggregated throughput: 425 Mbps (measured from Mikrotik router by generating 100 streams)

Mimosa B5


Uplink: 23.5 Mbps

Down: 136.4 Mbps

Aggregated throughput: 160 Mbps (measured from Mikrotik router by generating 100 streams)

We plan to have case study on this in the near future which would talk about test process and test setup and why PTP550 works better under interference.




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+3dbi ... el mimosa seguro a dia de hoy pasa mas megas..

I do not get better results because the frequencies I use were the correct ones.

I am sure that the 2 antennas can improve the results.