PTP550E and MikroTik EoIP

Hello @netreality!

We are working on MPLS and EoIP acceleration and balancing. We have already merged proper MPLS acceleration in 4.7.0 so it will be in stable release.

Could you provide your EoIP configuration and techsupport from Slave to see your config? So I can check it in our lab to be sure your scenario is covered too. You can PM me.

finally…after one year!!
where I can download 4.7.0 ?

You can find 4.7 in the PTP550 beta downloads section.

Not so quickly! )) We are working on it right now. It is not implemented in any RC yet.
So I would like to have your tunnel configuration to test it in my lab and be sure your scenario is properly covered.

in example: 550link with 4011 mikrotik at both end.
next make a bandwidth test inside / outside eoip from them.

I try and let you know with 4.7 RC14 firmware at both ends.

Thank you

I mean a tunnel configuration. Is there anything specific or you simply config interface eoip with one line where you mention dst ip and add it to the bridge?

no you add two /30 at both physical interfaces and make a BW test.
Next you create a eoip tunnell with above interfaces and assign other /30 at both ends and make a BW test inside tunnell.

Nice guys,
works great, same speed inside and outside tunnell.
Next I try with a VPLS and let you know.


when a stable 4.7 release?

thank you

But did you try with channel bonding?

4.7.0 is very soon but we still have couple release blockers to fix.