PTP600 Calibration issue....

I’m getting the following error on one of my PTP600 units for some reason all the sudden. The links been running flawlessly for over a year now.

Unit Out Of Calibration

Any ideas how to fix this?

Thanks in advance…

The unit is out of calibration and must be returned to the factory using the RMA process for re-calibration. 

Please raise a ticket with our support team to get this device repaired. 

How to open an RMA ticket? log on to the Cambium Support portal at

To know more, please view the Youtube link (

What causes this “out of calibration” issue? Is it component failure? Is this an issue that can happen to any PTP600, or is it something that existed in a certain serial number/model number range?

It's difficult to know what has caused the "out of calibration" condition in this case. It could be a component failure, or memory failure in an area that contains calibration data, but we have rarely (probably never) seen this in a PTP 600 in service. A couple of preparatory questions from us:

  • Is the link still working?
  • Where is the alarm displayed?

If the link is still working, it might be useful to have the field diagnostic file.

Thanks, Mark