PTP600 does not answer ping


I have ten PTP 600 on my network, and sometimes I can not ping any of them and when I do there is a large packet loss.
CMMs and SMs or any equipment below them I can ping without any problem.
I use Nagios to monitor these devices.
Usually worked for three years
What could have happened?

Hi Nilsergio

Have you recently upgraded to 10-07?

In this release we have implemented a new IP stack for the Network Management interface - which is the address that you will ping.
The new stack is a dual stack capable of both IPv4 and IPv6.

We are aware of one issue where the ARP is only sent on the local subnet, and therefore ping requests from other networks are not responded to.

We have fixed this issue in our development software, and this fix will be in our next software release.

In the meantime, if you are able to enable Proxy ARP on your router this can be used as a workaround.

If you would like us to investigate your issue in more depth, please open a support case. You can email with the details.