PTP600 - Error while upgrading software

While upgrading some of our PTP600 radios from Version 10-03 or older to 10-08 we are getting an error message on a few radios and will not accept version 10-08.

Getting this error:

ERROR the selected image is too large

The DLD file contained a image package that is too large for the image FLASH bank

Any ideas in regard to this issue??

We expect this type of error when upgrading to 600-10-08 from a release earlier than 600-10-00. We wouldn't expect a problem upgrading from 600-10-03.

Restrictions on PTP 600 upgrades arose because (a) the image size is considerably larger from 600-10-06 onwards as a result of including IPv6, and (b) the signature size on the images increased from 1024 bits to 2048 bits in 600-10-00.

Details of limitations are in the Release Note for 600-10-08. The tables look quite complicated but they do the job.

Generally, the solution is to work through an intermediate step. We include 600-10-05 in the zip file for 600-10-08 for this purpose.

I hope this helps!


I had similar issue but as already replied it was from an older firmware to the 10-08.  I also misread the upgrade instructions and messed up the upgrade.  I had to go onsite and put the unit into recovery mode - from the recovery screen I was able to update the recovery firmware and then finally the actual running firmware to 10-08.

Then had to plan another outage to repeat the steps of crashing the other side of the link to recovery and doing the upgrade.

still weird that you're having issues with the upgrade already at a level that allows direct update to 10-08

Thank you

I apperciate the information.