PTP600 + Multiple Layer 3 end points


I was proposed an interesting proposal from another ISP and I wanted to throw it by the forum to see if this is possible.

There is another ISP that is interested in leasing tower space where we receive our fiber connection to our upstream provider. The other ISP has some lucrative vertical real estate that would really benefit my company. So, they offered to provide us space on that tower for some of our bandwidth. Which, all in all, is not a bad deal - and we have the available bandwidth.

Here’s my question. Can you have a PTP600 bridge two VLANs that have two different Layer 3 end points? I have designed similar radio connections where multiple VLANs were trunked over the line, but they always had the same physical router with different IPs and sub-interfaces. If this can work, I know that the PTP600 would have to be on one of the ISPs network, that it can’t be on both.

I’ve designed the following sketch to help illustrate what I’m looking to do.

Thanks for the help!


ISP 1- Rtr (VLAN4)-- – (VLAN4) Rtr
| Sw – PTP600 > < PTP600 – Sw |
ISP 2 - Rtr (VLAN5)-- – (VLAN5) Rtr

According to some documentation I just dug up yes. On each end you will need a switch to encapsulate into tagged frames.

Did you find this answer in Motorola documentation, or was it another source?

The more I’ve thought about this issue, the more I think that it can work.

Thanks for the help!


I recall hearing from a Motorola trainer that their PTP units were all VLAN able as this is a key feature for us. To confirm I checked release notes for the PTP600 - one of the first few hits on Google :oops:


I was aware that there was a management VLAN on the PTP radios that became available in a release about 6-9 months ago. But, I was hoping there was documentation that described the situation I’m looking to implement.



I have not thought this through very much but you could remove the switches and put in encrypted GRE tunnels between each pair of routers.