Can anyone tell me what is the PPS(packets per second) of PTP600. I tried to find the answer, but could not and I think there there is no mention of it in owner’s manual as well.


Why you ask for?
I have tested ptp 400 and they can handle 7mbps of voip traffic at max modulation…(maybe it helps…)

It does help but not much.

What is the data rate you see on status page of your PTP400. Suppose your PTP400 can push 8 mbps duplex traffic, then, can it push 8 mbps of voip traffic?

I have not been able to find out the PPS of these radios.

No. after the 6 Mbps of voip traffic times start to go up.
The radios showed 10.5mbps on te status page.(lite)

I think the pps is the same for the lite and full models, like ptp100… bh10 and bh20 can handle only 1mbps of voip.