PTP600 - Radio bootup issue

We have newly refurbished PTP-600 5.8GHz radio - tested on the ench - now it is installed up-tower with new LPU and new armored Cat5.

When booting up radio via the PIDU we are getting 10 "Double" flashes of the ethernet light, then the light goes dim and burns steady. Radio never boots.

Any ideas of the issue here??

I know usually the doouble flashes indicate a short in the cable, but haven't seen the light go dim and burn stady before..

Thanks in advance

The 10 double flashes mean that the PTP 600 has gone into the Recovery mode. That’s intended to be the response to the recovery switch on the PIDU, but can also be triggered by a cable wiring fault. If the Radio has booted into the Recovery mode, it should be at the default IP address of

You should probably be looking for cable faults at this stage.