PTP650 42.3Km NLOS 80Mb

Enlace realizado con un PTP650 y parabolas de 0.9m, las alturas de antenas 45m (A) y 70m (B), con parabolas mayores se lograrian mejor BW y disponibilidad.

Link made with a PTP650 and parabolas of 0.9m, antenna heights 45m (A) and 70m (B), with larger antennas would achieve better BW and availability.


Hi Miguel,  thanks for sharing.  This looks like a great link.  Do you happen to have any photos of the NLOS aspect?  For example, the trees or obstructions and how high they are or how close to the end of the link they are?

What kind of traffic are you carrying on this link?



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Hola Bruce.

Realmente es un gran enlace con una pequeña antena!

EL perfil del enlace es el siguiente, no hay grandes obstrucciones al ser una zona rural.

El trafico es de 2G/3G/4G.

Hi, Bruce.
It really is a great link with a small antenna!
The profile of the link is as follows, there are no major obstructions being a rural area.
The traffic is 2G / 3G / 4G.