PTP650 Band wide interference


We have been experiencing this issue. Is it possible to get this kind of full-band interference from faililng hardware? I am trying to find out if there is something in the area that could be producing this kind of signal, but it seems pretty unlikely! And very illegal because it is also in the blocked channels .

Anyone seen this kind of thing before?


That is certainly a very strange looking Spectrum Expert display!

Is this PTP link installed for real, or is it in a bench test?

Can you provide any other details?

What does the ODU at the other end of the link indicate?

Thanks, Mark

This is a real world setup on some  towers we have.I have enabled extended scanning since this happened (again last night), but we haven't had any instances of it occuring yet. I wanted to see if this was only occuring on the 5.4 band or the whole 4.9-6ghz spectrum.

The remote ODU did not have the same level of interference but I am quite sure it had some. One of the ODUs has since been rebooted. The guy on night shift tried rebooting both when the problems occured again, but only one of the devices accepted the reboot command. If this happens again today we will try agian to reboot that unit and if it won't reboot from the web interface I will assume it's a bit errored and might have been why we saw that on the Spectrum Expert.