PTP650 Country Change

Hi All

Currently, I have activated license my PTP650 link with Country Puerto Rico. I would like to change this activated license with country Vietnam. Is there any chance to change Country?

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HI Ulzii,

Thanks for the question.

An operator can generally do what you're suggesting by selecting Vietnam in the web page at checking the required bands, and pressing Submit. This will generate a new License Key. The operator will need to download and install the License Key in the ODU. Both ends of the link should have the same country-specific license.

This will not succeed if your ODU is the FCC/IC regional variant. This regional variant is locked to countries that are regulated by the FCC or Industry Canada. FCC regulations apply in Puerto Rico.

If you are operating in Puerto Rico, then you should be using the FCC/IC regional variant.

If you are operating outside the US or Canada, but you (for some reason) have purchased or been supplied with the FCC/IC regional variant then you should contact customer support.


follow this link, you can change the country code for PTP650