PTP650 Country of Operation - Regulatory Bands - Region Code License

Dear , Do you have Table That show PTP650 Country of Operation - Regulatory Bands ( Frequency Range ) & Maximum Transmit power ? For example my client ask for License that lock Radio only for 5.725 -5.825 and maximum Transmit power 100 mW ( 20dB ) , i need to know which Country i should select for that . Best Regards, Ali

What is the country of operation of the link?

Also, which PTP 650 regional variant (FCC, EU, IC, RoW) do you have?

Thanks, Mark

Dear Mark, RADIO is RoW and client approve only the radio that match with " U-NII-3 " Range . Please Mention Which Country region we should submit for license . Range : 5.725 - 5.825 Ghz Transmit power : 20dB - 100mw Ali

Hi Ali,

I don't think this is going to be a straightforward answer.

U-NII-3 is a designation used by the Federal Communications Commission for the USA and related territories. This band is specified in Part 15.407 of the FCC's rules. Before 2014, the rules allowed 30 dBm conducted over a frequency range of 5725 MHz to 5825 MHz. In 2014, the rules were changed to extend the frequency range to 5725 MHz to 5850 MHz.

If you generate a PTP 650 country license for United States, it will align with the current U-NII-3 rules, providing a wider frequency range and higher power than you are asking for.

The Cambium License Key Generator provides licenses for all the countries where we have type approval. If you operate a link in a country where we do not have type approval you might be breaking the rules for the country of operation, and might be subject to a penalty or prosecution by the regulators in that country.

The frequency range that you mention is used in the following regulatory bands for PTP 650:

11: South Korea, Phillipines

37: Indonesia

45: Colombia

47: New Zealand

48: Ghana

54: Uganda

However, these countries do not limit the power at 20 dBm.

Does any of this help?


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Dear Mark , Thanks for your Support Do you have table that Show PTP650 Per Country Regulatory Frequency range and Transmit Power Range ? Ali

No, we don't publish that table at the moment.

You should normally generate a country license key for the country of operation. This will help you to comply with the rules in the country. If we haven't listed a country it's normally because the country doesn't allow operation, or because we don't have type approval.

If that doesn't help, you could ask us a specific question, or you could check the various country options in LINKPlanner.