PTP650 ping packet loss


We have 3 PTP 650 links in 3 geographically distant sites. 

Since few days ago, all together started to loss ping packets, like 1%.

Network devices behind PTP links are ok they don't miss ping packets

Link capacities are great and normally underused ( about 30-40Mbits with spaces for more, we tested up to 100Mbit/s).

We are using nagios and mtr to monitor our devices.

PTP 650 firmwares are 50650-01-42.

Do you know why they loss ping packets?

Thank You

Francesco Usseglio

Hi Francesco,

Which device is replying to the pings? Is it network equipment at the far end of the network, or is it the management agent in the PTP 650 units?

Thanks, Mark

The management agent in the PTP 650 unit is device reply to ping and missing packet (%1)

Devices behind ptp 650 units are ok.


Have  also had this problem for over a year.  Tried Cambium support, but they kept trying to tell me the problem was with the switch interface connected to the near side PTP650.  I could not reason with them that their analysis was flawed as there was no packet loss through the radio link to the customer.  I finally gave up.

My guess is that it is a firmware issue.  Since it does not affect my customer, I am willing to live with it although I am disappointed with Cambium's support.

I have noticed than when any of the 2 radios in the link is swithing modulation it losses pings to the radio, but not to anything behind it.

Thanks very much. That information will help us investigate the reported problem.