PTP650 power POE


Is the POE of the PTP650 standard 802.3af or does it have some proprietary pinout?

Can I power the PTP650 with a HP Switch 48V ?

Can I use alternative POE as for example 50V 1.2A from UBNT?


Have you compared the specifications (pinouts, voltage, current, power, etc.) of your proposed equipment with the specifications of the PoE equipment that we recommend for use with PTP 650?

You can find these specifications in the PTP 650 User Guide.

We don't recommend using power supplies other than those specified in the PTP 650 User Guide.

I hope this helps!



I have read the manual but I did find the specification required.

I have seen on the net that some people uses 48V standard POE for PTP600/650 with no issues.

I have read that from 42 to 56V is OK. but on the manual there is no pinout or similar.

I would like to power it from a 3500-24G-yl hp switch


What if you experience a problem with this link, you call customer support, and we root cause your problem to the link's power supply?

It's a good idea to follow the manufacturer's recommendations.


 I understand your concerns.

But it is possibile to know the tech data of the cambium's POE?

wich pinout, with voltage etc?

thank you

This link might prove useful:

PTP 650 Compatibilty with 802-3at standard PoE



So I cam power it up from my 3500yl POE+ switch or from an EdgeSwitch POE+ :D


I apologize for not searching the Cambium Networks Knowledge Base before answering your question.

Mark Thomas to the rescue!


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Helping us with power requiments means happy customers and will buy more.

We have sites with 12V, 24 and -48V and have found the Tycon converters to be verty useful and the PIDU wont do what we need.

Use only 650 PoE

Have you googled failure rates with edgeswitches? Wouldnt bother unless it was a non critical link for my grandmothers weather station wifi