PTP650 problem

Hi All,

Our ptp650 suddenly had a problem. we can not reach web browser and when we connect to poe adapter, the power led of the poe green blinking fast.

We could not find any diagnostic on the manual. do you have any comment on this issue.

Best Regards


Hi Gurbay,

The User Guide say this on Page 8-10:

Power LED is blinking

Meaning: The PSU is sensing there is an overload on the ODU port; this could be caused by a wiring error on the drop cable or a faulty ODU.

Action: Remove the ODU cable from the PSU. Check that pins 4&5 and 7&8 are not crossed with pins 1&2 and 3&6. Check that the resistance between pins 1&8 is greater than 100K ohms. If either check fails, replace or repair the ODU cable.

Does this help?

Thanks, Mark