PTP650 Radar CAC

Hi, I have a problem that after i get the signal to 80% and i disarmed the tone for alginment, the link immediate down and show RADAR CAC. My running condition is just inside office with the TX power of 0dBm. What have goes wrong? Current my PTP run in Cother_+_RadarC. Can i change it to RoW?

Are you running this link indoors? If so, it's likely that the receive signal level is too great and is triggering radar detection. What received signal level was measured duing installation?

Rest of World is an ODU regional variant (for PTP 650, we manufacture RoW, FCC/IC, EU variants) and this cannot be changed by customers.

You should normally visit the Cambium Networks web site and generate a license key for the country of operation. This ensures that you are using the legal limits for the country. A RoW ODU is delivered with a default country of "Other (DFS Disabled)". The web site allows you to generate a license for any supported country. If the required country is not listed, consider generating and using a license key for "Other (DFS Disabled)" for your indoor test.

Thanks, Mark