PTP650 reboots when lose conectivity with cnMaestro On premises

Good day.

Since a couple od days ago we are starting to notice that some our PTP650 deployed get rebooted with no aparent reason, when check the equipment logs apears like "unknown" or "Sanity point failure detected" as reasons.

Today while we are doing a test, the L3 device in charge to connect the cnMaestro on premises server with the network had down, and saw this issue again in several PTP650 across our network.

To make a small test, we apply a package update over our cnMaestro on premises, which means that the server make a reboot to apply the package, and set a ping to sereval PTP650 and when the server was off, some of the PTP650 in monitoring was rebooted again showing the same topics ("unknown" or "Sanity point failure detected").

This PTP650 are running 01-47 firmware version, and are deployed in diferent nodes of our network... any one has noticed a similar behavior???


This failure normally indicates a hardware fault in memory, but it's very unlikely that the same fault has occurred in several radios. 

Can you identify any changes made to the configuration or installation recently?

- How often does the same device reboots?

We have released 650-01-49 which fixes watchdog reboot issues when the ODUs are managed by cnMaestro. Please upgrade to this version which is available here.