PTP650 Replacing PTP600 | Maximizing System Capacity for a Challenging PTP System

PTP650 System in a challenging PTP link (90 Km total - 75 Km over see water) - SYSTEL Telecom | Egypt | Wireless Broadband Team.







What services are on this link? In addition to data, are you carrying voice or video?

Do you do any SCADA or remote controls?

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Hi Ray,

Sorry for being late.

This link is deployed in Sinai, connecting two distant camps for MFO (Multinational Force & Observers) across the Gulf of Aqaba providing Internet Service, internal data traffic, VOIP (IP Phones) and also a camera.


Hi Mohamed,

Thanks very much for that really interesting and encouraging post!

You seem to be getting great performance from your PTP 650 link. For the PTP 600 link, your screenshot shows linkloss of 158 dB. For the PTP 650 link it shows 128 dB. Did you realign the antennas or replace cables when you installed the PTP 650 ODUs?

Also, I see you have a LINKPlanner file. Would you mind sharing the predicted performance from LINKPlanner?

Thanks, Mark


Links over water are always challenging and it is great to see the PTP 650 perform well under these conditions. I agree with Mark though - if using the same antenna and alignment as the PTP 650, I would have expected the PTP 600 to have performed better than it did. 

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Hi Mark,

Thanks for your notes. Actually the original PTP600 link is deployed many years ago and it is replaced by PTP650 on last July 2015. We only replaced the RF tails.


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the link loss in 600 is 158 db due to antenna gain slelected accordin to antenna installed and in 650 they used bydefault antenna gain i.e 23.0 dbi in my experience 

Thanks for the update. There was a 30 dB discrepancy in link loss, which is reasonable if your external antennas have a gain of about 23 + 15 = 38 dBi each. That sounds like a 6 foot (two metre) antenna, which looks reasonable on the photographs. Does that sound right?

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ptp 600 has transmit power 25 dbm and ptp 650 transmit power is 27 dbm does effect the case


Did you replaced the power supply or used the same one from the ptp600 on the ptp650?