PTP650 shutdown remote

I have a radio that I wish I could close completely remotely or prevent it from emitting on the air and this distance with the PTP650. Is it possible to do that?

You can stop the Master ODU from transmitting using a Mute control. The Slave ODU will not detect the acquisition signal from the Master and will not transmit either.

First, enable the Mute control on the Master using the Transmitter Mute Control attribute on the Webpage Properties page like this:

Webpage Properties Tx Mute.PNG

The ODU will then display a Mute Transmission control on the System Configuration page of the Master ODU like this:

Remember that you cannot use the wireless link to unmute the link so you should be managing the Master ODU via a wired connection.

Alternatively, you could use the SNMP MIB object enableTransmission (OID . to achieve the same thing.

Does this help?