PTP650 - Single E1

Hi all,

Can I use splitter or any other E1/Ethernet Mux with PTP650 single E1 licensed ??


When you say "splitter" were you thinking about the wiring adaptor that we used with PTP 500?


Hi Mark,

Yes, the one used with PTP300/500/600.

Hi Mark,

Any good news ??

Hi Mohamed,

Well, lots of good news, but unfortunately no good news about the E1/T1 splitter.

PTP 600 has two E1/T1 interfaces connected through a single dedicated RJ-45 connector. PTP 500 has one E1/T1 interface that shares an RJ-45 with the 100BASE-TX Ethernet connection. These two solutions need splitters, which you can purchase or make up yourself.

PTP 650/670/700 do not have anyE1/T1  interfaces internal to the ODU. Instead, we provide up to eight E1/T1 ports on the NIDU. The NIDU provides a great solution in a network that needs multiple (up to eight) TDM circuits.

Unfortunately, you will still need a NIDU even if you need only one E1/T1.


Hi Mark,

Thanks for your support.