PTP650 Syslog cold_start, Sanity Point Failure Detected

I have a PTP650 that is a standby radio (no Slave radio and TX muted). Currently the radio is rebooting at random times. Syslog shows the following:

event; cold_start; PTP wireless bridge has reinitialized, reason=Sanity Point Failure Detected

event; cold_start; PTP wireless bridge has reinitialized, reason=SRIO Failed

event; cold_start; PTP wireless bridge has reinitialized, reason=Unknown

What do the cold start reasons mean? Up until yesterday, the radio was running with no issues. Does this indicate a bad radio or possibly need to be reset and reprogrammed?

I'm sorry to hear that you've been having a problem with this radio.

A cold start with reason = Unknown is usually a power failure. It is also possible, but thankfully rare, for a reboot to be triggered by a software crash. In both cases, the ODU is unable to record a reboot reason before the reboot takes place, and so following the reboot it reports Unknown.

The Sanity Point Failure tells us that an unexpected value was found in some reserved area of memory. This is either because the software has unexpectedly written in the reserved memory, or else the ODU has a memory hardware fault.

If the link has been working normally for some time, and the radio has rebooted more than once, then this is almost certainly a hardware failure.

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Hi Scott,

As said replied on the ticket # 126522 which was created for the same issue, we will be processing the radio for an RMA as you have tried the below mentioned troubleshooting steps.

1) Swapped PIDU
2) Swapped LPU’s
3) Tested Ethernet Jumpers
4) Reset ODU to factory default and reprogrammed (when we were still able to get into the radio)
5) Replaced PTP650 Connectorized ODU – Fixed problem

Hi, I have the same problem from 3 days.

All my PTP 650 (ten), with firmware 1-40 or firmware 1-47 are rebooting randomly and the same reason is:

event; cold_start; PTP wireless bridge has reinitialized, reason=Sanity Point Failure Detected;

Thanks, Marco

Hi Marco,

Are you saying that ten PTP 650 ODUs have started rebooting randomly with cold start reason "Sanity Point Failure Detected"?

This failure normally indicates a hardware fault in memory, but it's very unlikely that the same fault has occurred in several radios at the same time. Can you identify any changes made to configuration or installation recently?