PTP650 SysLog message!

Hi All,

I need to know what does the following message mean ..

"status; Main PSU Port Gigabit Master Slave Status; was=Master; now=Not Applicable;"

and what causes it to appear?


1000BASE-T Ethernet uses all four pairs of the Ethernet cable, and communicates in both directions at the same time. This simultaneous transmit and receive operation is described as full duplex. Full duplex requires that the Ethernet transmit and receive clocks are the same at each end of the link. This is achieved by making one end the master and the other end the slave. The two ends negotiate the master and slave roles automatically, and we are not normally aware of this operation or concerned by which end is the Master. The syslog message is saying that the Ethernet interface has transitioned from Master to Not Appliable. Most likely, this is because the interface is no longer connected, so it can be neither Master nor Slave.

 As we said, we don't normally care abut Master and Slave roles, as long as the Ethernet link is connected. The one exception to this is when Synchronous Ethernet is enabled. In ths case, the precise network reference is distributed using the Ethernet clock in the direction Master to Slave. We added this syslog message to help in monitoring Synchronous Ethernet distribution.

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