PTP670 connecting to PTP650

We are about to install a PTP670 that will connect to a PTP650 (we have the correct software). I was just wondering if anyone has had any issues connecting these two different PTP's or is it relatively straight forward?

There was a thread recently on PTP650/670 compatibility and one of the forum members did some tests and found it was very easy to get them talking assuming you were using the updated firmware. Even though 670's are now unlocked speed-wise, I vaguely remember there being something about the link being limited to whatever radio has the lowest license. 


We're not aware of any problems connecting PTP 650 and PTP 670 using 650-01-44 and 670-01-44.

The capacity of a PTP 650 or PTP 670 link is set by the lower of the capacity licenses at the two ends. As Eric points out, PTP 670 ODUs have the Full capacity license by default. In a link between 650 and 670, the capacity of the link is determined by the capacity license on the PTP 650.


do you have a update for this thread? the new firmware is available?

The latest firmare for compatibility between PTP 650 and PTP 670 is 01-45. You will need to use 650-01-45 on the PTP 650, and 670-01-45 on the PTP 670.

This firmware is available on and


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why does the new software patch not allow the PTP650 to connect to the PTP670?


Hi Paul,

Could you be a bit more specific about the release numbers you have in mind?

Thanks, Mark