PTP670 - Ethernet port disconnecting


The link has been running for almost a year now. Unfortunately ethernet port status at the remote radio is disconnecting.

Both radio IP are pingable, except for the devices behind the remote ODU.

Attaching logs here.

Thank you,


Hi Gerry,

This obviously points to a problem with the Ethernet connection at the remote ODU. It's not possible to locate the fault without some further investigation. The most likely problem is cabling and connectors. You should also look at LPUs if they are used. I understand that that might be difficult if the ODU is on a tower.

An easy option is to use the System | Cable Daignostics page in the web interface of the remote unit. That might point you in a useful direction for further investigation.

Possible, but less likely, is a fault in the Ethernet interface of the ODU or the connected network equipment.

Sorry this isn't more specific, but the general idea is to swap out some part of the Ethernet link and see what changes.


Thanks Mark.