PTP670 integrated bench test fail


Can anybody help me with my PTP670 bench TEST?

This is my first time to use Ptp670 radios and I am doing a PTP bench test but I could only access once with a link status saying “searching” and later I cannot access the Web page at all. I have setted up both my radios like instructed inside the PTP670 manuals with copper cat5e plus the LPU’s. I have interfaced my laptop via the PSU (DC + AC power injector) LAN port and configured as my static ip (subnet: but still I couldn’t ping the ODU (ip add: nor accessing the Web page. The ethernet Led sometimes blinks 10 times and went off when I did a power cycle on the PSU and sometimes it blinks slowly but my laptop ethernet icon reads as there is no network connections. I even tested the continuity of all my copper cat5e connections and all are confirmed OK.

I really appreciate your help as I am trying my best to have my tests done before deployment early next week.

Thank you very much,

LPU is the lighting protection unit; dont use them when configuring the first time.

1.- Try and

2.- Try certified patch cords

Every ODU must be accessible over LAN, so configure LAN at some /24 range, etc. / and second: /

And you must correctly setup RADIO parameters to be compatible Master with Slave, and it must connect, check all settings, check MAC address for Link access.

I have made setup of several PTP670 without aware of "Arming" , chose setup: Change Config Without Arming