PTP670 - Precise Timing

Hi All,

Does the PTP670 ODU just transfers the clock over the Ethernet or it regulates the link traffic over the air using this external clock ? and is there any relationship between Precise timing and TDD Sync ?

Hi Mohamed,

We provide two different precision timing features: IEEE 1588 Transparent Clock and Synchronous Ethernet.

The Transparent Clock (TC) feature measures the added delay for 1588 event messages and accounts for that delay in the correction field of the messages. This has the result that the added delay can be compensated for in the tracking loop of an IEEE 1588 Slave Clock, so that the latency of the PTP link does not degrade Slave Clock accuracy.

The Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) feature bridges the exact Ethernet clock frequency across the PTP wireless link, so that the SyncE reference can be delivered across the link.

The two features can be used separately or together.

The TC and SyncE features do not provide a reference for TDD Sync.

Does this help?