PTP670 SNMP Management + Cn Maestro?

What’s the best way to manage ptp670? Using snmp
What’s the best snmp software as CN Maestro seems don’t support it yet

The most comprehensive way to manage PTP 670 is using the web-based management with HTTP or HTTPS. Web-based management supports configuration management, fault management and performance management.

SNMP is useful for performance management and fault management but, in general, it doesn't provide comprehensive configuration of the ODU.

We're working on integrating PTP 670 and cnMaestro at present and we expect to release this later in the year. In the first instance, cnMaestro management of PTP 670 will (like SNMP) be limited to displaying alarms and events, and performance management statistics.

The advantage of cnMaestro is that the management tool is tightly integrated with the device. If you would like to use SNMP, you will need to choose an SNMP manager. You can manage through the command line, but that is not productive, so with SNMP you will need a management application.

It would be very interesting to find out if other operators have a favorite SNMP manager, and if they have an effective management application.

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