PTP800 DC Power loss after surge

We recently experienced a lightning surge at a site where we have 2 PTP800 CMU.  CMU power bricks are attached to large Liebert site UPS units.  Aparently the lightning strike pulse confused the power brick and when the technician arrived on site he found the CMU dark.  He unplugged the brick from the CMU and found no voltage from the brick.  He unplugged the brick and power cycled and immediatemy saw 48vdc.

Anyone ever seen this type of power interruption?  Has anyone seen a DC battery option or setup for these boxes?

Thanks in advance

I think it's pretty easy to confuse the PTP 800 power brick, since they're not too smart.


If I were you, I'd replace the bricks.

There are many -48 VDC options out there. It's a matter of comparing the costs to the benefits.

I hope this helps!